Not seeing matches

I just upgraded to Tier 1 at gedmatch. I deleted the kits that I had added before upgrading to Tier 1 and added them back in again, but I’m not seeing any matches with any of them like in the video. Any suggestions? Thanks.

We have three different views for DNA tools.

List - the default view
Segments - you’ll need to copy GedMatch “segments” data into this view
Triangulation - you’ll need to copy GedMatch “triangulation” data into this view

To switch between views, click on the blue down-arrow icon in the upper-left corner.

Please let me know if you have more questions. We’ll get some tutorial videos created in the couple of weeks.

Even after following the directions and copying the data, there is no information in the matching segment view. There is data in the list view and the triangulation view, but the segment view is totally blank for both of the kits I’ve added. Any advice or direction?


Another person has also reported experiencing problems pasting data, so you’re not alone. I’ve just posted an updated version of the tools that will give us better insight into what’s going wrong.

Would you be willing to try again? If so, please close the rootsfinder tab on your browser if it’s still open, open a new rootsfinder tab, and try again. It will likely fail again :frowning: but this time it will tell us where in the code it’s failing.


Followed your instructions, and it did indeed fail once again. Hope this
helps, and thank you all for what you’re doing for this community. It is
and will be so incredibly helpful to so many, and even more so to those of
us searching on behalf of adoptees. In our case, that would be my father.

Brooke Myers Whisnant

I’ve added in segments and triangulation for all three kits that I manage. However, when I go back to list view for all three kits, there’s still nothing in the match column for any of them.

ccoll, Here’s what you need to do next: find a kit that you know belongs to someone in the your tree (or are descended from someone in your tree), select the kit so it appears on the right-hand side, and click on the “pencil” icon above the kit in the upper-right corner. Then click on the “Match” tab to match the kit to someone in your tree.

If the person the kit is matched to is in the pedigree of the person you created the DNA profile for (or if they’re descended from someone in the pedigree), then the kit will be colored according to where they appear in the pedigree.

We’ll create some tutorial videos next week.

Brooke, I implemented a fix a few hours ago that I hope solves your problem. Would you please try it again? If you have a RootsFinder tab already open, you’ll need to close the tab and open RootsFinder in a new tab in order to get the latest version.


Tried again, and still a no-go :confused: I know you all must be crazy busy. Thank
you for working so hard!


I also got this message when trying to add my uncle as a match from my kit:


GedMatch does not allow people to click on links from outside their website. To
import a tree for this kit from Gedmatch, do the following:

  1. Log into Gedmatch.
  2. Select ‘One-to-many’ matches.
  3. Enter your kit number and click Display Results.
  4. Use Control-F to find the kit number in question on the page.
  5. Click on the GED link, select a GEDCOM to examine, then click on the
    Pedigree link.
  6. When you see the pedigree, Control-A to select the entire page, then
    Control-C to copy.
  7. Come back here and press Control-V to paste the results into this box.

Thank you for your comments. They are very important to us. We are busy with RootsTech this week and will not be able to respond immediately. We will be back next next. Please continue to post your comments. Thank you for your patience.


It’s still an issue, and now so is uploading a mini tree…ergghhh!

And, congrats on all your success at RootsTech :slight_smile:

Brooke Myers Whisnant

The RootsFinder booth has been packed this week. People are very excited about the research help and experimental DNA tools. Thanks for pointing out the bug with uploading minitrees. We’ll be on it next week.

ccoll, I’m sorry for the delay in responding. Last week was RootsTech (it’s the week of very little sleep for me).

The message you’ve given is from the Tree import tab, for importing a mini-tree for the kit. You want the “Match” tab. The Match tab allows you to attach the kit to someone in your tree.

Brooke, how frustrating. :frowning: I’m sorry this is taking so long to get resolved. I’m going to need to see this for myself in order to investigate it. Can you please email me the URL, and also tell me more about the minitree import problem? I’ll look into both right away. My email is dallan at