Not able to create MyHeritage Profile

this is valid profile info but showing as not found.


I can’t make this happen on my machine. If it happens to you again, would you please do me a favor? Right-click anywhere on the page, select “Inspect”, then click on the “Console” tab that appears near the bottom of the screen. You should see some text appear below the Console tab. Could you copy that text and send it to me?


Will do. I thought it might inaccurate error msg and actually be the result of a duplicate profile name despite platform difference so I’m testing that first when time permits . If that’s not it I’ll reproduce the error for you

Problem Solved by changing Profile ID

The error code should read “duplicate profile IDs not allowed:” or that field should not be a unique key? @DallanQ

I will fix the error message tomorrow. Thanks.

The error message has been fixed.