No more RootsFinder roadmap and casting votes

I have read on some post to check the RootsFinder roadmap for various issues and cast your vote on ones you would like fixed. But going to you get this message “”. Do we no longer have a roadmap of requested issues to be fixed in RootsFinder and are we no longer going to be able to vote on these issues. Going forward how will users be able to check on and follow issues with RootsFinder to see which will be fixed and how highly they are rated on being fixed. If a new RootsFinder roadmap has been setup at, how do you get to it and sign up. Thank you for any help and information on this.

At this point Findmypast owns RootsFinder, and I’m just providing support. So I’m fixing bugs but not adding new features. As far as I am aware, Findmypast does not intend to enhance RootsFinder. :frowning:

The good news is I’m planning to begin development work on another family tree this Fall. That tree will be a mobile app (iphone, ipad, or Android) and a website, and it will have similar functionality to RootsFinder. It will take awhile to complete, but I’ll make it easy to migrate from RootsFinder to the new tree. I’ll let everyone know when it’s ready for testing, probably around this time next year.