Newsfeed and 10 Gig storage limit

My question is does the items appearing in my " news feed" count towards my 10 gig storage limit.
I have no control over the items being taken from Family Search and placed onto my news feed.
It would seem that they should not apply towards my total download space allotment.

Also, is there anywhere that I can see my current available downloadable space?

The thumbnails coming from FamilySearch, and in fact none of the thumbnails, count toward your 10Gb storage limit. We will show the current total storage on your account page by the end of this month. (Currently no one is anywhere near the 10Gb storage limit.)

was this ever implemented? Is there something on the account page I am missing? I am asking especially because i think I have hit some wall based on problems creating profiles.

I have access to many kits and because of loading time have kept over 50 active in my main tree with a few on other trees… If I am over limits, then a discussion about best approach vs need for “archive feature” might be worth having


Thumbnails don’t count toward your storage limit, but media items do. Also, I increased the storage limit 10x from 10Gb to 100Gb, which is enough for 50,000 pictures. You can see how much storage you’ve used and how much remains on your User Settings page (below your user name in the upper right corner of the screen).