Naming MRCAs and "in the line of"

It would be cool to be able to have an extra click over a match (first click shows gedkit in cluster map) that shows the ancestral (MRCA or line) info pinned to that kit. In the circle view, the ancestral info could pop up by clicking at the peak the cluster group?


Can you explain more? How does this differ from showing how the kit is related to you in the “mini-fan” chart in the kit view on the right?

Stupid user trick, file under. I was focused on the graph, to the point of forgetting the right panel

What I had been thinking about was how neat it would be to integrate the tree by showing a clickable triangle on any ancestors associated with a triangulation and having that link show a list any associated gedkit

You are so polite! :wink:

I’m glad it worked out! I’ll keep working on DNA features.