Missing Thumbnails

I have two profiles on which I’ve downloaded an image from FamilySearch to my tree, however, the thumbnail is missing. The two profiles are

Please advise?

I believe the problem is when you import a single relative from FamilySearch, the profile photo doesn’t come across automatically. So you’ll have to download the profile photo to your Downloads folder, then click on the profile photo to edit it.

I agree it’s dumb to have to download the photo and then upload it in order to set it as a profile photo. Here’s the Roadmap item for being able to re-use existing media items. It’s getting a few votes; it will likely get implemented later this Summer.

Hi Dallan - these are not people that I imported from FamilySearch, and in the case of one of them (Josephine), the photo was not their profile photo. Both profiles were in my RootsFinder tree from my initial gedcom import back in 2018, and, as I have in many other instances, I’d added a photo to the FamilySearch profile, and then used the arrows in RootsFinder to transfer the photo to RootsFinder. And, in the case of Josephine, the photo I moved into my RootsFinder tree was not her FamilySearch profile photo but one of her other photos.

The only way I have ever added photos to my RootsFinder profile for deceased individuals is to first add the pic to FamilySearch and then use the arrow to move the photo into RootsFinder. Last night was the first time I’ve experienced the most thumbnails. Would it be helpful for me to send a video showing my process?

Ok, I just found and fixed a problem with thumbnail generation. The thumbnails are there now. Thank you for reporting the issue!

whoo hoo! yes, fixed! you rock, as always. Thanks!