Missing data today that used to appear on the selected kits panels

Following an update using the instructions on the DNA upload screens, this morning I’m no longer seeing any kits in the “selected kits” panel on the DNA matches screen or the triangulation screen. The color coding and location are reflected on both screens, but when I click on a segment in the segment matches screen or a dot on the triangulation screen, I get nothing where I once saw a list of matches in a particular segment on the segment screen and detail about the match on the diagram. Have I missed a step or is there development underway?

I am a novice user of the site at this point, but except for this problem both the tree section and the dna section are proving to be fine tools. John

I introduced a bug last night (very odd - things were working fine on my computer but no one else’s), which I just fixed. It should be working now; can you try again? You’ll have to open RootsFinder in a new tab to get the latest code. I’m sorry for the trouble.

It seems to be working on both of the DNA data sets I have on the site.
Many thanks.

Dallan Quass wrote: