Merge multiple DNA matches

On the DNA Matches page, can you add a feature to merge multiple dna matches? Sometimes people will have multiple GEDmatch kits for the same person.

Great idea. We love to get comments. Our team is busy with RootsTech this week. We’ll be able to respond to enhancement ideas after RootsTech.

Instead of merging, how about the ability to delete kits? If you find multiple kits for the same person, deleting all but one of them seems like it would be less work than having to specify which kit to merge the other ones into. Is there a reason that merge would be worth the extra work?

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That would probably work. But additionally, when looking at the cluster map, if you have kits for both a parent and child or kits for siblings and/or first cousins, it is creating additional hub and spoke configurations that clutter the graphic and make interpretation difficult. One to deal with that would be to have an option to deselect a kit so that it doesn’t appear on the clustering map.

I use the Ancestry ICW much more than triangulation so I look forward to seeing what you can do with visualizing Ancestry ICW matches.


I agree - a lot of the triangulation maps are too cluttered. I’m planning to add two features to the triangulation map that will hopefully help with this:

  1. ability to remove certain kits
  2. ability to remove all kits matching you above a cM threshold.
    Hopefully both features will be in place early next week.
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