Memories of type story are not appearing on the Family Search side when comparing RF with Family Search

There have been issues with stories misbehaving before, which you have sorted out. I think perhaps there has been a change at the FS end at some point, and I’ve just noticed that memories of type ‘story’ are not appearing in the comparison. Hopefully an easy one to fix.

They seem to be appearing OK in the comparison if there is a photo linked to them, just not if it is a text only story.

Example. Look at Free Family Tree. The following story does not appear on the comparison.

I will take a look at this on Saturday and check back.

This is strange. I just added two stories to William Charles Blake - one with a photo and one without. Both show up in the rootsfinder “compare” screen for me. But the Obit doesn’t show up for me just like it doesn’t show for you. Do both of the two new “Test” stories for William show up on the rootsfinder “compare” screen for you?

I have posted a message to FamilySearch developer support to see if they can shed some light on this. I will let you know.

Thanks for the example! Examples really help.

Hi again. Your two test stories do show up for me. Also I recreated my story and it shows up fine now. Seems to be something to do with a historical difference. I’ll look around and see what other examples I can find and when they were created.

Here’s another example that doesn’t show up in RF:

My ‘history’ theory might not be sound, as I only created this one 10 days ago.

I seem to have written some rubbish back at the beginning. The problem ones seem to be those with a photo attached.

Another example, this time text only

Thanks for giving me additional examples. Could you please not touch Mary Ann Williams Free Family Tree or her obituary for the next week or two until I let you know the problem has been resolved? We need to give FamilySearch time to investigate the problem, and they’ll need the example obituary that you’ve found. Thanks!

Another example:

It’s been fixed! Memories of type “Obituary” were not included. Now they are.

Thank you for pointing it out.

Hi Dallan

Thanks so much for getting this fixed. It seems a little obscure as there were some of mine with the word obituary in them that weren’t affected so the pattern wasn’t obvious. So good to have them all fixed and your quick response is much appreciated.

Please don’t forget to remove the two test stories from ?

Just a question, I presume the classification as ‘Obituary’ happens somewhere on the FS side of things, perhaps based on the title. I’ve noticed though that a few with obituary in the title were copying over OK so not sure what the distinction is. Doesn’t really matter, grateful that it is fixed.

Thanks again.

I’ve never heard of it, and it isn’t listed in their documentation. I assume that it happens somewhere inside their system.

Thanks for the reminder to remove the test stories!

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