Media Wall: sorting options?

The Pinterest-esque media wall for all the photos & etc. is a nice feature, and surely goes well with mobile design compatibility. From a user standpoint, my one request would be sorting options. Right now, looking for a particular image that I need to edit often means a whole lot of scrolling and “load more” clicking.

If the images could be sorted by name, upload date (or ideally, either of those), that would be great. I don’t know if this feature would be better to add on the existing media wall, or if perhaps another screen with a sortable list view including thumbnails would make more sense. Would something like this be possible?

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Yes. I’ll add that to the roadmap. It will likely be a few months from now.

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Hi Dallan,
I am new to the community, but I am loving the application so far. I agree with DDW and think even a way to group the media photos into albums within the gallery would be helpful. My tree is quite large and still developing. Some branches don’t know faces in other branches. In my case, it would be nice to be able to sort the Media area pics into albums according to branches of the family.

Thank-you for your feedback! I will take this into account when I add filtering and sorting to the media wall.

Fully support this. It would be helpful to have the options suggested by DDWGenealogy for sorting by name (title of media), upload date (ie doesn’t reshuffle for a minor edit), perhaps also media date (ie the date used to datestamp the media, many times blank but may be useful for some situations), and albums would also be great. You mention filtering, and I take that to mean a search option as well? Looking forward to it.

Do you have an updated timeframe for this?



I’ll get sorting and filtering / searching in by the end of this month. Albums will come later.

Thanks Dallan. That will be extremely useful.