Media (Photos, stories etc) only link to the current person when copied from Family Search

If a photo or story etc has 2 tags, both of which are linked to people in my RootsFinder tree, I would expect both links to be generated when the media is copied to RootsFinder. At the moment only the link to the current person is generated, and other links have to be added manually.

I agree this is a problem. I will try to fix this in a more timely manner than the other bugs.

I spent some time on this today. At best it’s going to take awhile, and at worst it may not be possible. Currently, there does not appear to be a way for me to tell if there are other people attached to the memory using the FamilySearch API. I’m going to raise this issue with FamilySearch to see if there is a workaround. In the worst case, I may not be able to automatically attach the other people when you add the memory, but if you try to attach the memory to another person, I should be able to at least re-use the existing memory instead of creating a new one (which is what happens now). Let’s see what FamilySearch says. I will let you know.

If a memory (story or photo) is attached to two people at FamilySearch, when you copy the memory from FamilySearch to the first person in RootsFinder, a new memory is created in RootsFinder as usual. But when you copy it from FamilySearch to the second person in RootsFinder, instead of creating a second memory, from now on the second person is attached to the existing memory.

Hi Dallan, that’s an excellent start. I’ve tended to add the second person link at the time I do the first copy and it seems to do the right thing when I go to that person. However, this will be useful if the second (or more) link is overlooked, and will show up when doing a comparison for the second person later. I’ve been wary of copying at that time (thinking it would duplicate the entry) and always gone back to the originally copied entry and added people. Sounds like I won’t need to be so careful about that now.

Yes, from now on it shouldn’t create a duplicate media file.

On the other front, I posted a message to the FamilySearch help forum and so far no one knows how to use the FamilySearch API to get a list of the people listed in a memory, so we may be out of luck on attaching the memory to the other people automatically.