Media, adding PDF or other file formats

Hi I’m real new to Genealogy & Trees. Trying to use your Roots finder program. I have. PDF file with a sketh that is 17 pages long. I selected Media, then added the PDF file but you can’t read it or anything. Is PDF’s not supported? I don’t want to “type out” 17 pages. I also know I can scan to get digital copy but also don’t want 17 individual pictures to try to figure out how to link in order (if even possible) can you help me as to how to accomplish my goal? Thanks

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Hi, PDF’s are supported. You just can’t preview them on the media wall or a person page.

To see the document, first, click on the tile saying there is no preview. This will open a media window.

Then click on the blue print that says “Click here to open this file.” And here is the PDF.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you need more help.

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Wow! I just looked at the screen expecting to be able to read it & assumed PDF’s weren’t supported, I’m sorry I didn’t even click to try it.:open_mouth: Thanks!