Maximum number of profiles per tree?

I would feel constrained if I could only see kits from the same platform.

I work across companies because i can often identify matches based on their kits on other platforms , especially where there is segment data to confirm equivalent kits. Being able to go back and forth among my various profiles for the same person is incredibly productive.

I keep a master spreadsheet for each person and manually (logically) interpolate their matches (including multiple kit representations) by side and segment. Bring THAT inside RF would be golden for my purposes


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but at the moment we can only work with a kit from one company at any one time (on RF) Jenny.
(Yes my own system has a combined picture from all of them)
so opening a gedmatch kit for example is only working with gedmatch data unless I’m really missing a RF feature here so doesn’t care about my ancestry profiles eg

I am only saying that i want to choose what i archive. I sometimes make smaller selective sets by pre editing csv files so I would still want to be able to sswitch among kits across platforms without unarchiving .

I’d prioritize workspace monitoring and feedback before second guessing profile by platform use, at least not until making an actual audit of actual profiles and considering other tactics.

If Dallan were to support filtered (logical) phrasing for users with parental kits for example, splitting trees could effectively double workspace by splitting match lists (assuming little or no endogamy)

Hey all,

Sorry I’m late to the chat. I have 62 attached to one giant tree but haven’t had much of an issue with being slow. Sometimes it takes a few ticks longer than I want, but I go look at something else and come back to it.

I’m going to delete a lot of them that I don’t need. I only uploaded them all because… why not? :woman_shrugging:

The rest I’ll archive. There are really only a handful and a half that I use regularly. When I first started I made charts for all the grandkids and cousins and in laws, just to get folks excited about testing, but I can do that now with the filtering, so I don’t need them all on there.

So sorry for clogging up the server! :anguished:

I LOVE the program! I answer questions for Ancestry .com and I recommend you all the time. :gift_heart:

It’s fairly easy to tell you the total number of matching DNA kits you have among all unarchived profiles. Though how much that causes slow-down depends also upon how much memory you have on your computer, how many other tasks and browser tabs you have open, etc. But if you see the number, you should be able to get a feel for how many is too many for your setup. Adding a number, and a warning when it goes above 100,000, seems like a no-brainer

Let me look into that one. It may not be too difficult.

I was thinking of a filter on the description field. So you would filter the DNA profile list, and then “archive” or “unarchive” all filtered profiles. How does that sound?

How do you pre-edit the CSV files? Is it something that could be done when you import a new profile, like you can now when you filter a new import by the lower cM bound?

Thank you all for your feedback on this!

Dallan it would be wonderful to be able to ‘batch archive’ perhaps by a check box on each row of the profile list?

and to answer Ray, if you delete records from the match file, the associated tree and icw and seg records will not load. Because I am necessarily looking for further out lines to solve I’ve developed an interest in hunting down the few provable small segments persisting over time. Because many of the kits I work with exceed 20K match records, I experiment with clustering the records that won/t load.
For example deleting 18 k records after the first 2 k so the next 18 k loaded produced readable clusters (and some clustered pileup as well)

A filter on the DESCRIPTION field would work fine I think. Maybe include ability to have multiple keywords to filter in multiple groups??

Ok, this is just food for thought. My home computer is just passable compared to my work machine. I left about 100,000 matches “unarchived” when I shut down at work. My home computer can’t do anything. I can’t click to open, then “archive” a file to lighten the load. So I’m thinking it would be nice to “archive” directly from the home profiles page. I know my work around for tomorrow, “archive” all before I go home! Dallan, thanks from all of us for your interest and hard work. RF is an exciting place to be right now.

I was thinking of a filter on the description field. So you would filter the DNA profile list, and then “archive” or “unarchive” all filtered profiles. How does that sound?<<

Sounds good to me Dallan

That sounds good to me.

I’m hoping that we can do the batch archiving by filtering on the DNA profile descriptions, and then having “Archive” and “Unarchive” buttons in the header that would archive or unarchive all displayed kits at once.

Yes, this makes sense to me too. I’ll add a total count of unarchived matching DNA kits to the DNA profiles list page, and give add a way to batch archive and unarchive filtered profiles from that page. I should be able to do this on Saturday.

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Update, I can work at home in RF!!!
If anyone is curious;
OS Windows Vista - (yes, I can hear you laughing)
8 mb ram - (still hear you)
Ping 180 ms
8-11 Mbps download
My work computer is 10 to 15 times faster in all respects.
The point is that with archiving I can select “a” profile with up to 8000 matches and work fairly efficiently with minimal issue. This is a big deal for me!

That should give heart to many users! Multitasking can have a similar effect I have learned

I just finished everything that I think we discussed. Let me know how things go.

  • The DNA profile list shows a count of the total number of DNA kits in unarchived profiles, and warns you at 100,000 kits.
  • You can filter the list by words either in the title or the description.
  • You can archive and unarchive kits directly from this list. (You can also archive and unarchive Hints & Warnings.
  • You can save your current DNA filters by clicking on the gear in the toolbar.

can’t wait to try!

first look:

    • looking at Boydston Morrel tree that has 5 unarchived kits: 386222 IS PLAUSIBLE but seems to tank memory (see #4)

    2 .not seeing new profile list filter feature;

  1. love the archive from list;

  2. can’t save filter because it times out at unless total kits in profile is very small, eg tanked at 11K profile but worked on a 2K profile (other account)

  3. suggest “active DNA kits” or “unarchived kits” for clarity; also suggest adding total kits per profile column

  4. not seeing TODO archive feature was expecting check box somewhere

(Help Scout format tags not working properly btw)

  1. I’m not sure what you mean here?
  2. You can filter the list of DNA profiles by entering words from the profile name or description into the search box.
  3. Please send me a URL of a filter you can’t save. I will look into it. The number of kits shouldn’t have anything to do with it.
  4. I want to conserve space in the header; I’ve added a hover-tooltip with a full explanation.
  5. Click on the “Hints and ToDos” item in the left-hand menu.

Will revisit. It’s a memory problem I’ll try and reproduce. Is there a specific system event log I might check when it happens ?

You could right-click on the page when that happens, then select “Inspect”, then select the “Console” tab, and if you see any red text, in the console, please send it to me.

I read most of this thread. I have not done anything yet with DNA, can someone tell me the best source to learn about using this DNA Integration in RootsFinder? I do manage many family members DNA from 4 major DNA companies & family from both my father & mother’s side, so I’ve had this program a year now & really want to learn how to use it with DNA. THANKS :blush:

Currently, the best way to get more information about DNA integration in RootsFinder is to ask questions at the Facebook group: All the best!

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