Maternal vs Paternal side feature request

Because once you know which side a match is on (on platforms with segment info, especially when triangulated), you also know that an unconnected match in the same address range has to be from the opposite side of tree. Thus it would be possible to automatically classify segments sharing the same address as maternal or paternal based on assigning at least one match in the segment.

I would like to see (1) a column added to the Match List view reporting any calculable side info based on tree assignments and (2) a “Maternal vs Paternal Painting” feature added to the Chromosome view. This could be done by coloring the background of segment boxes, splitting boxes into two parallel boxes where sides are known. The background of unclassified segments would remain uncolored

(For color blind users the weight of the line around the box could vary or the texture of the background within)

I’ve added this suggestion to the roadmap: