Make search option more accessible on pbone

Most of Rootsfinder works acceptably on a phone but the one thing I need to work well is the search and it is awkward at best.

Even in landscape mode it isn’t very effective. If there is anything you can do to tweak it so that the search is easier to use on a phone it would be a game changer for me.

Hoping a small tweak might fix it :wink:

I’ll look into it next week to see what I can do.

Thanks so much.



Search on phone should work better now.

May be a little better, but still difficult to use (iPhone 12)

Right. I modified the search bar once you have selected a tree to make it wider, but not the one before you have selected a tree. I’ll modify this one as well in the next two weeks.

Thanks Dallan. Having a large number of trees I find myself using this search bar a great deal.

The search bar should be wider now in the latest release. (Better export names is on its way in the next week or two.)

Thank you so much for following up on this. It has annoyed me for quite a while and I finally thought to ask for a solution. Rootsfinder is now much more usable on a phone than previously.