Loading Myheritage triangulation files

Give Pedigree Thief triangulation files currently have to be loaded one at a time, how hard would it be to create a batch process to load a list of selected files?

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NOTE: according to users at the DNAGEDCOM FB group site, using the Client takes about a month to acquire= a profile using an increment process restarting the client over and over. Considering it only gathers ICW and not triangulations, Pedigree Thief (which gathers both) match by match is a reasonable approach, which is why I am suggesting batch loading as an efficiency since match data has to be loaded case by case.

It’s definitely do-able. I’ve added it to the roadmap: https://trello.com/c/xwx8QjgD/445-import-multiple-pedigree-thief-files-at-once

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I am now highly motivated to step up requests to make the PT extension bug free on the MH download :wink:

I have left you a screenshot with URL and a downloaded triangulation file on SKYPE. Now that PT is working again and producing a triangulation CSV I’m not able to load them one by one. I didn’t think there were changes in the output but I’ll check the release notes if that would help