List of Surnames, with given names please

First off, I am new to Rootsfinder. Thank you for a great program! I was looking for one, that I could input the correct information, without others changing it, before I can transfer and update. While I am loving the program so far, there are area’s I need more help with. Would it be possible to add a List of Surnames, with given names, for easier searching of relations? And is there a way to directly add generations from family search with children, when we attach a file to the familysearch files? Perhaps just auto adding the children That would be a major help. I know there are errors on family search genealogy files. I am trying to build a genealogy with better sources and less errors for my family. Again, thank you!


Do you mean a list of all of the people in your tree? You can get this by clicking on “People” in the left-hand menu.

Do you mean you want to import children when you import a person from FamilySearch? You can do this when you import more generations by setting the number of generations of descendants to one. (But I think you must be looking for something else?)

I m looking for a list of surnames, first. It would make navigation through thousands of names easier when trying to work a particular line. And, are you saying, that the children’s names, should appear on my rootsfinder files, when I attach a file to family search? I will try your suggestion and see if it works. Thanks.

The decendents worked. Thank you.

So when you click on “People” in the left-hand menu, are you saying that you’d like Surname to be the first column, and Given name to be after it?

Yes, or a way to link each surname, and given name, so we don’t have to go though a the actual tree to find them. It helps when working on a particular family.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. When you click “People” in the left-hand menu, you get a list of everyone in your tree. What do you mean that you have to go through the actual tree to find them? Does the list not work?

Oh ok. I must have missed this. Thank you.

Ok, let me know if the “People” list in the left-hand menu doesn’t provide you what you need.