List of all completed todos

It would be helpful to be able to review easily all completed to-dos, perhaps with option to sort by last activity date or similar. At the moment the side bar option only shows open to-dos, so you have to know who they were linked to before you can go looking for completed ones.

A ‘show completed’ option on the Hints & To Dos list or similar would do it…

I can’t see this one on the roadmap. Perhaps it is there in another guise, but in short to be able to see all todos on the Hints and ToDos page, not just open ones, and have more filtering options.

A particular scenario is when completing a todo and notifying another user using the @user option. If the todo has been marked completed the link opens the ToDo page but not that todo as it is no longer available on that page. We have to say “hey there, I’ve done this or that and I want you to read this so I have to remember to keep this open until you’ve read it and then you can complete it” which is messy at best :slight_smile:

I think there are several suggestions inter-related here:

  1. We need a way to assign a ToDo to a user, more than just an @ reference. That’s here:

  2. We need to have a way to filter todos on the Hints and ToDos page by status and probably also by @ user assigned. I just added that here:

  3. Maybe we need another status (in addition to Completed, Archived, which is going to be implemented soon:, like “Review needed”? Maybe the list of statuses shouldn’t be pre-determined so you could enter your own status texts?
    Alternatively, instead of a “Review needed” status, maybe you could put the ToDo in a Research Log, and you could have Columns in the research log for “To be done”, “In process”, “Review needed”, “Reviewed”, etc. And you would move ToDos from one column to another to indicate where they were in the pipeline. If we did this, we’d want to be able to filter the Research log items by @ user.
    What are your thoughts here?

Hi Dallan

Thanks for this. Re 3, I can see the point about Research Log but that may be needed for other purposes. I like the idea of other statuses - and user definable ones would be GREAT.

Currently I have a lot of people for whom we published a date of birth or death that differs from available birth or death indexes. I need to visit a particular library and look up the microfiche originals to get the correct date - a slow and tedious job. To have a status that reflects this ’next step’ would be great. I tried using the research log for this but it was a bit less obvious and competed with other uses so haven’t followed that through. With a team of people involved, keeping it simple would be better. Other statuses might be ‘Contact close family’ or ‘Check newspaper archives’ or similar.


Ok, so how about this?

  • separate archive vs delete buttons for ToDos, just like on gmail - archived ToDos can be shown on the person profile by clicking the archived button
  • a status field that you can enter whatever text you want into
  • a user assignee

The user assignee and status text will appear on the Hints and Todos view so you can filter and sort on them.

  • separate archive vs delete buttons for ToDos, just like on gmail - archived ToDos can be shown on the person profile by clicking the archived button

Just checking. At the moment if you mark a ToDo as Completed it is archived, but there is also an option to Delete which deletes it fully. What I think you are saying is that you would no longer have the Completed option on ToDos and have the archive option instead?

  • a status field that you can enter whatever text you want into

Okay… I had pictured a user definable drop down list but that’s possibly overkill. Maybe if previously used statuses were suggested (eg after typing a couple of characters) that would help with consistency.

  • a user assignee

Yes please…
Just to check, if an assignee is added will that trigger an email to them or will we still need to @name them in the text?

As a use case, we find ourselves passing todos back and forward a few times between people. One person raises the issue and copies the other person for their response. They have to click on the email (which only has the title, not much info, so note it would be helpful to have the status and assignee in the email if they exist) and see the todo. If they can’t do it immediately they have to find it again, which isn’t easy if there are many tens or even more than a hundred todos on a tree, so have to go back to the minimal information email to keep track of what they have to do. At one stage I was even putting something like the person and the status into the title eg Check birth date against information supplied by family -> Gavin for action or similar.

  • The user assignee and status text will appear on the Hints and Todos view so you can filter and sort on them.

And archived hints and todos will be able to be seen/searched/displayed/hidden there as well. This means if someone completes/archives a todo but names a person in the text so they can note what has been done, the person receiving the notification will be able to see the todo. At the moment they go to the hints and todos page but the item isn’t found. If you can’t remember who the hint or todo was about (also useful to include in the email!) then you go crazy trying to find it.

Hope these extra comments are helpful. Will be a great improvement to have a rudimentary but useful workflow system built into Rootsfinder, in this age of collaboration.



Yes, I’d rename Completed to be Archived.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking, and before typing you’d see all previous statuses.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. I can put todo title, status, and assignee in the email.

I hadn’t anticipated displaying archived ToDo’s in the Hints and ToDo list, but I can add a button to display them. I think we’d want archived ToDo’s to be hidden by default, right? The link in the notification email would display an archived hint even if archived hints were hidden though.

Having archive hints hidden by default but able to be displayed, and able to be included in the search results would be best, but as a minimum for the email link to display the archived hint rather than not be able to find it.

Thanks in anticipation.


Getting there. You now have two separate actions on hints & todos: archive and delete, and you can display archived items in the hint & todo list by clicking on the gear icon.

Same goes for warnings.

I plan to add status fields and user assignment with an email notification that will take them right to the hint/todo next weekend.

FANTASTIC! What more can I say… other than looking forward to the next bits :slight_smile:

With grateful thanks