Lineage report?

Would it be possible at some point in the future to add a lineage report? It would trace the line of descent through the line carrier from a given ancestor to a specific descendant, as opposed to the much broader descendants report. If the line carrier had multiple marriages information about those would be included, and evidences and sources for all facts would be included. This would be useful in gathering everything together in one place that would be needed for an application to a lineage society.

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I can put that on the roadmap. Is there an example lineage report you could point me to?

How do I go about doing this?

I will try to put together a sample of what I have in mind. It would pretty much follow the format used for a Mayflower Society application since I’m currently in the process of collecting everything I need for one. I have several other things going on at the moment, so might be a few weeks, once I have something together I’ll post it.

@cdhorn thanks
@AmyYoung79 if you have a URL of an example report, feel free to include it. Or you can upload an attachment.


Thinking about this more. I had in mind something similar in format to the application form for the Mayflower Society, and I have attached a page from one.

As you can see in the end it really just ends up having a small subset of the information on the existing descendants report. The main difference between it and that other than formatting perhaps would be that it would only report on the line of descent from ancestor a to descendant b and would not follow any of the collateral lines. It might be useful to have an option to include copy of any media attached to evidences/sources as well.

Having said that, the more I think about it the more I think it may not really be necessary. It’s sort of a nice to have someday perhaps, but having looked at your roadmap I’d make it a pretty low priority compared to some of the other things you have planned.


I’ll add it to the roadmap, but lower priority

Im not sure how to do it.

AmyYoung79, could you send an example report to That will help me understand what you are looking for.