Lifestory (Biography) copied from Family Search doesn't display LF/CR

When copying back a life story (FS calls Biography) to RootsFinder, expanding the entry results in the text displayed as one unbroken block. Any CR/LF from the original text is either lost or ignored.

See example:

It is also very difficult to edit in RootsFinder.

The life story should have come across differently. It should have come across in the notes field, which allows for easier editing and better display. I’ll work on it.

Sounds like a much better option :slight_smile:

Another bug still in my waiting list… :slight_smile:

I found the problem. The fix will be available at the end of the day today. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks so much for this. It has been a frustrating one :slight_smile:

NICE!!! So much better.