Left Sidebar and right top header corrupted in FireFox

I had that trouble way back, try another browser, I changed to ‘Brave’ and everything worked fine. Don’t know why it happened in Firefox!

Thank you, Iver–good to know it’s not just my Firefox, but as widely used as Firefox is, would think RootsFinder could find a work-around. I may just send a notice to Firefox and see what happens. I will look at Brave, but hate to have to change just for one website…

The issue is due to the icons not loading correctly. I just tried it on the latest version of Firefox and it worked for me. I would try two things:

  1. try refreshing (reloading) the page if you haven’t already.
  2. try turning off your ad blocker (at least for RootsFinder). The icons are loaded from google.com, and some ad blockers are overly-zealous and block anything from google.

If those don’t (or do) work, please let me know.