Just a bug report on Segment display

Having entered segment data successfully, it seems that as you scroll down the chromosomes on the left, the results pop up at the literal top of the response box on the right, which can be a long way away from the chromosome you are browsing. So if I ma at Chromosome 11, to see what is displayed, I must scroll all the way back up to the top to see the results, then scroll all the way back down to 11 to try my next look. It’s mighty unfriendly :slight_smile:
Just saying so someone knows and can put it on a list to duplicate and fix. Windows 10, chrome browser.


Very good suggestion! I’ll try to get to this before the end of the month (there’s a big RootsTech conference we’re getting ready for the first few days in March). If I don’t get to it then, I’ll implement it the first full week in March.

This has been fixed for awhile. I’m finally closing it.