Is there a way to distinguished between archived hints that were good/useful and those rejected

I haven’t found a way to reject a hint in such a way that it no longer appears on the archived hints list. If a hint is not a match there is no need to see it again (although RF might want to keep track of the fact it has been looked at an rejected so it isn’t offered again). If a hint is a match, then having a way to recognise this (eg a tick box) and keeping a record of that in the ‘accepted hints’ archive would be useful. Also there is opportunity to add notes to the text and that is useful.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but some hints are far from a suitable match and only clutter up the archive record.

There isn’t a way to distinguish them, but it seems like a good idea. I can’t promise it right away, but I will add it to my roadmap.

Thanks for considering. I guess I’m thinking of the distinction that Family Search makes between rejected hints (no match) and accepted ones (ie they match, some action may or may not have been taken from that match, but helpful to keep in the ‘completed/archived’ list. However, that might not be the right distinction. It may be as simple as an option to archive or delete (where delete may or may not remove completely from the system if needed in the background to support the hints feature).

That makes sense. I can’t really permanently delete the hint, because if I do it will likely come back later, but I could think of it like “archiving” your gmail vs “deleting” it (sending it to the trash but never emptying the trash can).

Yes, this would do it :slight_smile: