Image thumbnail bug in Firefox

Here’s another problem I’ve noticed since switching to Firefox: when I upload an image in my normal manner (i.e., from the profile page, by clicking on the left-hand square part of the banner and dragging the photo onto the little icon), the result when I return to the person’s profile page looks like this:

When I click on the broken-image icon under “Media” on the upper right, the photo does appear in the edit window that appears. So I put in my text field edits/notes, and saved them, but when it goes back to the profile page it looks the same. I tried refreshing the page and bypassing the cache, but there was no change. A similar problem exists with the just-added image on my Media page:

If I recall correctly, the last time this happened the thumbnails eventually appeared as they should on the profile page, but I didn’t notice that until days later… (I think?). If this one eventually displays correctly, I’ll add to this post.

This issue probably isn’t specific to Firefox. If the media hasn’t shown up by now, could you please send the URL? I’ll look into it (and fix it).

The media has now shown up, which is good, of course… it’s just a bummer to upload an image and not be able to see how it looks on the profile page until some unspecified amount of time later.

I know. The way thumbnails are handled right now is a design mistake. It needs to be better; it’s just not an easy fix.

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