Image import via Gedcom

Thank you for adding this! It’s a wonderful feature. I do notice one thing that’s problematic, for me at least. My genealogy program from which I made my Gedcom allows me to have both a filename and a caption for any image. RF picks up the filename instead of the caption. Is there a way to select one or the other?

Would you mind sending the URL of someone whose captions didn’t get picked up? I will look into it.

Thank you, Dallan. It appears all my images show the filename instead of the caption.


I see the issue. The GEDCOM contains

2 TITL acquired image52
2 FILE C:\Users\doris\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\acquired image52.jpg
2 NOTE Worden and Isabel c. 1916

I know this probably doesn’t mean a lot, but it looks like TMG uses the TITL tag in the GEDCOM for the file name and the NOTE tag for the title. Other programs use the TITL tag for the image title and the NOTE tag for descriptive text. In order to fix this I’ll need to make an exception for handling TMG imports. I’ll add this to the Roadmap

Thank you, Dallan. I hate for you to take the time to do that for a one-time import. Let me try a workaround first. I have a trick that my work and should be able to test it tomorrow. I will get back to you.




Almost there… My workaround is to “transfer” my TMG file to RootsMagic, then make a RootsMagic Gedcom and submit it to RootsFinder. (When TMG was orphaned, RootsMagic did the programming necessary to accommodate most of the quirks and added bells and whistles in TMG via a transfer program because Gedcom lost too much. The proper captions are in the RootsMagic file.) When I did that earlier this morning, the images seem not to have come through at all. This is the link to a person who has images that should appear:

I do appreciate your help!


I’m sorry I didn’t get to this earlier. The tree appears to have been removed.

Thank you, Dallan. No problem. I removed the faulty tree after I solved my own problem… and it was me, not your program, as usual.:slight_smile: