I'm sorry to leave

I wanted to let everyone know, my last day at Findmypast will be at the end of this month. Going forward, Rootsfinder will be supported and maintained by Findmypast (support@findmypast.com). Findmypast acquired RootsFinder earlier this year.

I have enjoyed developing RootsFinder and connecting with those of you who are using it. I plan to continue developing family history software in the future. I hope we connect again. I wish you the very best in your family history!

With love and appreciation,


Dallan, thank you for developing Rootsfinder and look forward to your future ventures. Will definitely miss you in this forum.


Thank you for all you have done! You have done a wonderful job creating Rootsfinder. You certainly kept everybody informed of all the happenings, I would like to believe that that will continue. I will miss your informative messages.

Best of luck to you.

Wow, Dallan, you will truly be missed!
I wish the best for you in your new ventures, please keep in touch in some shape or form.

Can you clarify please how support will work in the future. Will this forum be supported or will all support be via the FMP email support address. If so, eek :frowning:

I don’t yet know. Findmypast is in the process of deciding. I will reply here as soon as I know.