I'd like to delete sources that have evidence attached to them

Specifically I’d like to delete the GEDCOM import source at once.

Can you help me understand why you would like to do this?

Gedcom import events are converted to sources which create clutter in the profiles. I can’t see them adding any value. If profiles do not have proper sources attached to their data, Gedcom import sources falsely claim to justify the information, at best. I’d like to ged rid of them. Alternatively such automated references could be suppressed from the profiles somehow, if allowing deletion is not a good option.

Let me think more about this. There is a (minor) benefit of gedcom sources. Suppose the gedcom said that a person was born in 1880, then you added a source that said they were born on Dec 1, 1880. This would cause the birth fact to change to Dec 1, 1880, and both the gedcom source and your new source would be attached to this fact (since 1880 and Dec 1, 1880 are compatible dates). Now suppose that you realize your new source is wrong, so you remove it. Since we kept the original gedcom source, we can revert the birth fact back to 1880. If we didn’t have the original gedcom source, we wouldn’t be able to revert the birth fact.

That’s the reason for gedcom import sources. It’s kind of a specialized case, so it may be ok to not be able to revert back to what was in the gedcom. On the other hand, I like your idea of suppressing the “gedcom import” sources in the profile view - only showing them when you expand the fact. We could do the same thing with the “supporting evidence” sources and suppress them also.

(Supporting evidence sources are there for the same reason - it helps the system to remember what you entered when you don’t give it a real source, in case you attach a real source later and remove it, we can remember your original unsourced data.)

I would vote for suppressing the display of Supporting Evidence. I find it confusing (it implies that there is a source), and it adds no value in the display. I understand the reason for it, but it would be better if it was just in the background and not displayed. Probably the same for GEDCOM import (I haven’t seen that one myself yet). Thanks

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Note: It appears that you are already suppressing Supporting Evidence for most facts, but it still shows up for marriage facts.

Thanks DataAnalyst. I’ll put that on the list.

Yes, I made a change awhile ago to not require supporting evidences for most facts. Marriage facts still need supporting evidences because the evidences tie the couple together.

Is the “Supporting Evidence” thing the cause of all the blank rows at the beginning of my Sources List? If so, is there a way to suppress the display of all those blank, un-clickable rows?

That’s really strange. Let me look into it. I’ll fix it later this week.

Finally fixed this bug also. The sources are real; they just didn’t have an abbreviation, title, or author so nothing was displayed in the list.