Icon to show there are archived to dos

It would be helpful if there were an icon of some kind to show there are archived hints and To Dos. This isn’t currently obvious on the profile page and requires a couple of clicks to get there. A clickable icon that turns on/off archived to dos and hints would be really useful.

Are you thinking of an icon that appears above the hints section (only) if there are archived hints & todos, and if you click on it you can see the archived hints & todos?

Yes, something like that. At the moment this is a link ‘Show’ that allows showing completed and archived (not sure if there are other things to show now or maybe in the future). However, there is nothing to flag that there is something there. It would be very useful to have the visual cue that there are hidden/completed hints/to dos (maybe two icons?).

got it. I hesitate to put up two icons though; how about one icon indicating that there are archived hints/todos? (And I’ll add the ability to delete hints/todos in addition to archiving them?)

That would be GREAT on both counts.
Very adequate to have an indicator that there are hidden (archived) hints/todos and click it to show them. And for any hint/to do, to be able to delete it (never see it again) as opposed to archive (hide it from view as no longer actively under consideration) will solve the issues we are finding, mainly with the hints, but could apply to to dos as well.

While on this subject though, is there an inconsistency with the way warnings/errors are handled. I’m finding the only way to acknowledge these is to delete them, but often I wish I could archive them with a comment or similar so I know what I did to action them. Just a thought :slight_smile:

You’ll now see a count of the number of archived hints & todos above the hints and todos list on the person page.

The ability to archive warnings and deleting vs archiving hints & todos are both still on the roadmap.

NICE!!! Thanks so much for dealing with this.

Could be marked completed?

Will do :slight_smile:

I just added the ability to add a status to your hints & todos. The status field is an auto-complete, so previous statuses show up in the drop-down list.

Does this cover everything we’ve been talking about here?

Dallan, thank you. This feature permits commenting on a hint prior to acting on it or archiving it.

I’m glad to hear it!

Thank you - yes, I think we are there :slight_smile: