HTML entities not rendering correctly in Media screen

Just a cosmetic thing I noticed here in the Media screen: some diacritics and punctuation are showing up as HTML instead of as the characters themselves.

Oops, you’re right. Like you say - not a high priority, but it shouldn’t take long to fix. I’ll try to get that fixed by the end of this week.

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Finally ready :slight_smile:

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Dallan, thanks so much for making all these tweaks!

I was hoping Rootsfinder would be at SCGS Jamboree again this year, so that I might get a chance to say hello, shake your hand, and thank you for the great work you’ve done building and maintaining Rootsfinder. I surmise that RF being acquired by FindMyPast has enabled you guys to not have to advertise in-person at such events anymore, or at least not as much, so I understand, since LA isn’t right next door to SLC. Anyway, thanks for making this terrific platform. It’s the top of the line for posting an all-inclusive, sourced and source-linked web tree.

Thank you!