How to start over?

I do not believe this is a tech bug. It is my issue! I plunged in when someone told me after I joined and put data in I could secure the records. No one in viewing mine could change names or persons in my tree like was tormenting me on another tree building site.
Where i goofed I was so excited first thing I saw was a spot i could click and download what I already did on Family Search. (love I can do that) but I goofed and in my haste I did not do it in sequence, Now I have two trees with nothing in them (cant I just delete them in some way?) Or do i have to delete the entire account and start again. I will do that if needed but hoping i can find a better way. If rescued from this mess I made I will watch videos and start over.

No, you can delete the trees and start over. Click on the “Tree Settings” link in the left-hand menu, then scroll all the way down and click “Delete tree”. Then you can create a new tree. Please ask if you have any more questions. It’s been a busy week, but it’s getting back to normal.