How to merge two or more entries for same person

New to site, looking for how to combine or merge duplicate entries or records for same person

Merging hasn’t been implemented yet. It will be implemented in the next 2-3 months.

I’ve received a duplicate notification, when I try to merge , Familysearch tells me there is no duplicate. Also, rootsfinder is trying to attach incorrect people to incorrect people. i.e. cousin trying to be matched to someone not even on the same branch of the tree. (all are already in the tree, with full information.)

I’d like to investigate this further. Can you give me the URL of the person at RootsFinder with the duplicate notification, and also the URLs of the people at RootsFinder that are being matched incorrectly? Thank you.

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Thanks! I’ll be back at the rootsfinder/family search in a few hours. I’ll send what I have along.

Merging has been implemented now.

I am new here.
Can you tell me how you do the merging.
I am using MyHeritage, but I do not get it how to do it. Looking for a program/app/webb-sight where I easily can do it.
Grateful for help.

Sure - when you merge two people, all of the information about one of them is added to the other one, and then the first one is deleted. To merge two people together, navigate to the person you want to keep, click the “Merge” button (in the toolbar under the person’s profile header), then enter the name of the person you want to merge into this person and click Merge.