How many generations can be in reports -> request to limit information in reports

I have downloaded many generations from FamilySearch, but find they do not all show up in a report. I especially would !like to have more in the Pedigree report, which has minimal displayed information so should be able to increase the number of persons.

Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to set the number of generations from 4 (default) up to 20. Is that not working?

If not, if you’ll give me the URL of your tree and the root person that you’re trying to get the report for, I will investigate.


Thanks for getting back to me on my question. I guess the reason I’m frustrated is that apparently 20 generations is the limit. My tree has grown to many more generations, but I cannot print them all out. I have also tried Descendants and Ancestors reports, but they include all the information and so are very long simply because it takes as much as a page or more to report on just one person. One I did was over 2400 pages for only 20 generations!! But I have generations in some lines going all way back to the 600s! That’s many more than 20!

One thought: Each ancestor shows a “Connection to root person” list with just the names. Could there be a setting for the Descendants or Ancestors reports that would include just the names, dates, and locations (what is shown in the gray block at the top of the profile page) without all the supporting information? In any case, I would prefer that such a summary report include all the generations!

It’s not obvious, but you can set the number of generations on any report to be as high as you want by clicking where the number is displayed to the right and setting it to a high number, like 99, for example.

Your request for an option to reduce the information in Ancestors and Descendants reports sounds reasonable. I’ll add it to the roadmap so people can vote on it.