How do I create a Gedcom for just my mother's side of my tree?

If I want to leave out my father & all his family completely. Is this possible? If so, how? I already tried…I used root person as my mother & then upload the Gedcom to but if you search the new Ancestry tree, all my father’s family is in there.


Have you tried putting the root person as your mother’s mother? I suspect your father’s family turns up because he would be included as the husband of the root person, your mother? Good luck.

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Yes I did put my mother as root person & you’re right, I think. It does make sense that since my father is attached to her as husband, that it would automatically pull his whole family into the tree! I will detach him & try again & then if it works, re-attach him. Thanks.

Changing the root person doesn’t affect what is exported. Here’s what I’d suggest: export your full tree, then import it into RootsMagic (or another desktop program). Desktop programs generally offer a lot more control over who is exported - they’ve been around a lot longer. Once you’ve imported your GEDCOM into a desktop program, export a GEDCOM from the desktop program and limit the export to just your mother’s line, then import that to Ancestry.

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I don’t have RootsMagic program…I really would like another program though. I NEED one that will take ALL my media, sources & everything in a Gedcom when I put it on (I think I read somewhere in this forum about that topic) I still need to get a gedcom with just my mother’s side & my father’s side too. If I absolutely HAVE TO get a program…Dallan, can you help direct me based on what I said here in this comment, about media etc. transferring over? I plan an using a lot for a tree

Here are two desktop programs to consider:

You can export your GEDCOM from RootsFinder and import it into eiither FamilyTreeMaker or RootsMagic. But you’ll need to download the media from RootsFinder one at a time.

Someday I plan to make it possible to export all media from RootsFinder at once, but it likely won’t be until next year.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for the suggestions! Well I plan on keeping my RootsFinder until it have the capability (next year) of exporting ALL media. I will not even attempt to do my media one at a time for each 2100 people :frowning: I uploaded my Gedcom last night to Ancestry & I will start doing it there but only for my direct lines. So I have decided to get the Family Tree Maker 2019 program. I am ashamed to say I haven’t even started the DNA part of RootsFinder, which was the main reason I chose RootsFinder when I started Genealogy 2 years ago. I will now use RootsFinder JUST solely for that now…I just joined their Facebook group to get help with any issues with that. I will see how that works out. One last question Dallas, since I pay for a private tree, & if I start using the DNA integration feature, let’s say Jan 2021 that I decide to not renew my annual fee…will ALL the people in my tree (*except living) be viewable on the internet/FindMyPast & ALSO their DNA information that is in my database? Thanks for your help.

No, if you have a private tree and you choose not to pay, it will stay private but you won’t be able to edit it anymore. Also, DNA information is never publicly visible, even on public trees.

I’m getting a 404 when I click on the rootsmagic link.

It would seem essentials has been removed. If I remove that part of the URL I get the homepage. And there is no mention of free software.

After doing an online search I found this Try RootsMagic