Hints from weRelate need improvement

I imported some people From FamilySearch; including K468-X5K;

A hint from weRelate appears; pointing to Theodorus Hendrikus van Leeuwen

Should have found Hendrikus van Leeuwen

I guess the matching code needs some work!

Right. Matches always have to be confirmed manually. All the computer can do is give some possibilities, and then the user has to decide whether to accept or reject. I have found that matches to the smaller databases like WikiTree and WeRelate have lower probabilities of being correct. From one user to another, welcome to Rootsfinder!

I don’t understand this comment. I pointed out there was an excellent match in the “smaller database”; yet it was not presented as a hint!

Whatever this is, please remove the connection to me.
Please advise how to get this removed.
Phyllis Porter

It’s true that the matching algorithms could be improved.

FWIW, the reason it didn’t find Hendrikus van Leeuwen is we haven’t updated the WeRelate index since early this year. It’s likely that Hendrikus hadn’t been created when the last index was created. I’m trying to do another update by the end of thie year.