Genesis matches

Any reason (user error, even) why my Genesis matches are completely separated from my regular GEDmatch matches? As in one match is on Genesis and one match is on GEDmatch (the are siblings) and they are both marked as descendants of the same couple, but there is no “tether” between them. The Genesis match is a “balloon” unto itself even though it matches the sib, obviously, and several other family members.


Just to be sure that I understand what you’re saying: You’re saying that the genesis kit shows up on the triangulation view for a regular gedmatch kit, but there is no line connecting it to anything else? On GEDmatch, when you run the triangulation report for your regular gedmatch kit, does the genesis kit show up there? Is it connected to other kits on that report?


Sorry to consistently be a problem child. My father has some matches on Genesis that are not on GEDmatch. I recently ran the tools and added some Genesis matches, one of whom is the brother, Ross, of a GEDmatch kit already in our Rootsfinder tree and mapped out in the triangulation views, M.C. aka Mar. I have them both listed as descendants of the same couple, their parents, but they are not showing up as linked to one another in the triangulation views. Ross is showing up in a completely separate “cluster” which is “floating” on its own. I have attached screenshots to help. It is highly probable that I have completely mucked this up!

As always, thank you for your help. This tool has been vital in our research.


I removed the first image from your post - it had some kit numbers that weren’t blurred out. I got the information I needed from it.

It doesn’t appear that there there is a DNA connection between the two kits you mention. Here is something you can do: Go to GEDmatch and re-run the triangulation report for kit A209832. Search the triangulation report for either Ross or Mar’s kits and see if the other kit is connected to them.

My guess is that you won’t find a connection. There are a couple of possibilities: either

  1. there was a non-paternal event, or

  2. although Ross and Mar’s kits may share DNA with each other, they don’t share any segments of DNA with both each other and with H Myers.

You could distinguish between these two possibilities by going to GEDmatch and doing a one-to-one comparison between the two kits, and seeing what segments they share with each other. You could then go to RootsFinder and look at the chromosome browser for those kits (from the list view) to see if any of the segments they share with each other are shared also with H Myers.


Thank you for your super quick response! And, I think I get what you are saying, kinda, and I suppose my confusion is that the two kits in question belong to siblings and that although they both match my father, they don’t match him in the same manner/via the same DNA…correct? Heavens, I sound like a complete amateur!

And, when you say NPE, is the fact that my father might be that NPE what could be causing this? He is the adoptee and the two sibs (Mar and Ross) would be my father’s 2C (I think that’s right).

Also, I don’t see any Genesis kits in the in the original cluster. Maybe I’m just being dense, but I know that Ross triangulates with my father and other kits in that cluster, the one that includes Mar. There are several family members of theirs that have tested. I guess I am at a loss and with my frustration, just not doing a very good job or verbalizing what it is that I am seeing.


No problem! I’d start by going back to GEDmatch and doing a 1-1 comparison between the two kits. Also, I’d suggest posting your question to or maybe
You’ll get more people to help answer your questions there, by people who know a lot more about this stuff than I do :slight_smile: