GedMatch triangulation report - keep the 3000cM upper limit or not?


I have just added my Parents DNA into my profile so I can see their clusters. As part of the group of DNA I manage, I have my DNA plus a couple of Cousins, my wife’s sister and my father’s half sister.

I have currently included everyone in the triangulation but I was wondering whether that would make the clusters in the cluster chart tighten so much that they are less useful ?

Have you compared it with and without close relatives to see which the best route is ?



Thanks so much for you comment/question. I will pass it on to the developers. We are busy with RootsTech (very large genealogy conference in Salt Lake City) this week. If you are at RootsTech, please drop by the booth and say hi. In the meantime, you can zoom in on the cluster by double-clicking on it multiple times.

Good point. We probably need to add the ability to let you set your own upper limit when displaying the graph.