Future direction for RootsFinder in the 'Find My Past' world

Are you in a position to provide any information on the future direction that RootsFinder will be taking under the management of Find My Past? And will there be some new resourcing to support it, noting that it is a little concerning when it appears that any development/fixes etc are dependent on one person.

I’m not in a position to provide information on the future of RootsFinder at Findmypast unfortunately. It’s a good question that is worth asking. Please ask it by emailing support@findmypast.com.

Thanks Dallan, I am sure many of us will do so. In my mind Rootsfinder was heading in a great direction, with so much potential. I hope they don’t let the treasure they acquired wither on the vine.

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Thanks Dallan. Thought it was worth the ask :slight_smile:


Copy of reply received this morning from support at FindMyPast:

“Thank you for your positive feedback regarding Rootsfinder.com, we’re pleased to hear you enjoy the service. While we don’t currently have any news to share about the future of Rootsfinder.com, we always encourage customers to give us feedback regarding any features that they would like to see us develop – so please do share thoughts and we will pass on to the product team.”