FTDNA Tree file for DNAImports

REVISING: How about importing FTDNA tree urls. DNAGEDCOM does have an a_kitname.csv download.

Would it be possilble to provide data from the a_ * csv file in the Match Detail View. or at least a URL to retrieve non blank trees?

The fact that FTDNA like 23andme relies on a user input surname list makes that often unreliable but being able to get to FTDNA trees with a tree:* in the search would also be nice.

Secondarily in FTDNA It would be great to see an extracted unique surname list like ANCESTRY in addition to the user input surname list but the user input surname list should have its own separate data from derived surnames IMO because often treeless records will have a list but if both they won’t be equivalent necessarily.

I will send you a link to a FTDNA dataset on request