Flags feature request

One of the most useful features in my TMG program is “flags.” It allows me to highlight characteristics of individuals and then display icons for them. For example, I flag the immigrants in my tree, then display a tiny globe on their personal page; I flag DNA matches and their paths to the MRCA (if known); I flag direct ancestors, etc. I can then print a variety of reports or just group the people in my tree. The flags are applied in my genealogy program, TMG, and the icons in my website program, Second Site. To see how I use them, please click https://doriswheeler.org/, scroll down the home page to see the icons defined, then view them in the Surnames Index and on individual person pages. Here are examples: http://doriswheeler.org/i28.htm#s2197 (scroll down to see icons), https://doriswheeler.org/g0/p56.htm#i1654. Icons are associated with the names of people.

I’d love to see this feature added to RootsFinder.


Here’s something I just added recently that may help: You can now add “tags” to a person by clicking somewhere in their profile header, and then clicking the “Tags” tab. Say you added an “immigrant” tag. Now you can go to “Tree Settings” (in the left-hand menu), scroll down to the colors “Used in DNA matches and Tags”, and enter “immigrant” next to one of the colors. From now on, the background of that person’s “card” in the tree will be in that color. You can assign a different color for up to 6 different tags.

I’ll add attaching icons to tags to the roadmap. That would allow you to assign icons to a wider variety of tags. But in the meantime, try the tags and color options.

Thank you, Dallan! I missed that addition. It looks great… and the addition of icons will be super great.