Firefox glitch re: backspace/delete key

I recently switched browsers to Firefox, and have had only one intermittent problem using Rootsfinder with it. Sometimes when I’m editing an event and I’m in the Source tab, when I highlight a section of text and hit backspace/delete, the whole Edit Event window closes and takes me back to the prior screen. Just now when it happened, it took me all the way back out to the tree view (which I believe was two screens prior to where I was).

When this glitch happens and the event window closes on me, it doesn’t save any of the edits that I’ve just made, of course, because I haven’t progressed through all the tabs and hit “save” yet. Real bummer when you’ve just typed a lot of notes in the details tab and then meticulously entered a multi-layer citation in the source tab, etc.

If/when I figure out more details about exactly when/where/on what keystrokes this bug occurs, I’ll come back and add them to this post.

Wow, I’m very sorry. I’m I will look into what might be causing the problem on my end as well.

Confirming that the when the bug occurs, it is when I highlight text and hit backspace/delete to clear it, in the Source tab of Edit Event.

UPDATE: This glitch occurs when I’ve forgotten to click the “Customize Citation” link. I’m not 100% sure that is the ONLY time it occurs, but forgetting to click that link definitely does it. As I recall, in Chrome if you forget to click “Customize Citation,” it will let you highlight text but if you start typing/editing the text, nothing will happen. Nothing happening is a lot better than the whole window closing and losing everything you’ve input for the event up to that point.

Is the “customize citation” link absolutely necessary?

Thank you for figuring it out! I will look into it and let you know.