Findmypast Hints only Link to the .COM site

Findmypast Hints link to - my login does not work on the .COM site so I can’t see the record that the hint is pointing to.

My workaround is:

  1. login to the UK site in a separate window
  2. click the Rootsfinder hint link which takes me to the login screen
  3. in the URL change to and refresh the screen

this is an example -

I edit that to

Which then opens the UK page with a list of hints for the correct person. (this only works if I am already logged in to the UK site.) I’m not sure if the hint/record id should take me direct to the actual record in this case England & Wales Marriages because I can’t check it on the .COM site.

Is there any way we can have the option on the Hint settings page to specify which Findmypast site the hints will point to?



Yes, I can definitely do that. I will do it either this coming weekend or next.

Hi Dallan any idea when this may be fixed, I’m working on a friends tree and there are nearly 500 FindMyPast hints which still point to the .COM site. When I click the LInk it takes me to the Register/Login page

My workaround has changed slightly I now login to

Then Go to Rootsfinder Hints and click the Link eg

When opens in a new browser TAB

I edit the url and replace the string - m/register?nextPage= with .uk and that takes me direct to the UK site record.

I’m losing the will to live doing this cut and paste manually any chance you can find a solution so that Rootsfinder creates the correct UK site link to save me a lot of time.



Solved the problem at RootsTech London. The FindMyPast Team helped me by telling me that I could login to any of the FindMyPast domains .com .ie etc with the same login details. So if I login to the .com site and then click a hint link to FindMyPast I go straight to the record.

So need for a workaround in Rootsfinder.

Not sure what happens if you just have a country specific subscription with FindMyPast which may restrict logins to own country domain. I have a full FindMyPast subscription so I can login to all their domains.


If that approach works, how about if I provide two links for the findmypast hints: one that ends in .com (the usual one), and another that makes the replacement that you’ve done: replace the .com with in the URL?

Tried to reply by email but post not appeared so I’ll copy the email here.

"Hi Dallan Roots Tech London helped me solve the problem. If I login to instead of the UK site before I follow Rootsfinder hints everything works fine without any need to cut/paste in the url. I now know that my FMP Login works on all their sites. Probably because I have a full subscription.

Perhaps there just needs to be a comment in the hints setting page telling people to login to for FMP hints."

A further thought - Your solution would only work for UK subscription members - FindMyPast has several country sites for example The Irish site .ie


That’s true - I could add the .ie site as well, though I believe .com and are the main ones.

Also the Australian and New Zealand Sites. Not sure if there are anymore


I added a link to Would you let me know if it works?

I didn’t end up adding other links. The and .com websites are the main sites - the rest are much less used. I can add them if they’re needed in the future.

Yes that works fine Dallan sorry didn’t reply earlier - I thought you had left us to our own devices.

I’ve finally managed to acquire a license from Findmypast to support and maintain rootsfinder. I haven’t been feeling well lately, so support has been slow, but you can expect it to improve like it was in 2019.