Findmypast Hints only Link to the .COM site

Findmypast Hints link to - my login does not work on the .COM site so I can’t see the record that the hint is pointing to.

My workaround is:

  1. login to the UK site in a separate window
  2. click the Rootsfinder hint link which takes me to the login screen
  3. in the URL change to and refresh the screen

this is an example -

I edit that to

Which then opens the UK page with a list of hints for the correct person. (this only works if I am already logged in to the UK site.) I’m not sure if the hint/record id should take me direct to the actual record in this case England & Wales Marriages because I can’t check it on the .COM site.

Is there any way we can have the option on the Hint settings page to specify which Findmypast site the hints will point to?



Yes, I can definitely do that. I will do it either this coming weekend or next.