Findmypast hints have not gone away

I unchecked Findmypast in the hint settings many weeks ago, but the hints have not gone away. They remain “stuck” on all profiles in my family tree.

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When you uncheck a hint-provider in hint settings, it means that new hints from that provider stop coming in. Old hints still remain (sorry). I need to provide a way for you to mass-delete a batch of hints in the hint-list. It’s on the list for early next year.

You now have the option to delete all hints from a hint provider when you uncheck the hint provider on the Hint Settings page.

I’ve had one person say this isn’t working for them, so if it doesn’t work for you for some reason, please let me now.

If you want to delete Findmypast hints but you’ve already unchecked them, go ahead and re-check them, save the hint settings, then uncheck them and save again.