Filter: selecting largest instead of total makes no difference

Could have sworn this used to work but now if I filter for Largest segment rather than total I get the same results as a filter for Total.
eg say a minimum of 30cMs largest segment I get the same list of matches as I do by filtering for Total of (minimum) 30cMs the bottom one of which only has a largest segment of 22cMs but yes, a total of more than 30cMs.

I’m out of town right now but I will fix this by the end of the month and let you know.

I’m not seeing the same problem. Here’s a video of what I see:

Could you please try filtering again? Maybe it was just a one-time glitch??? I’m not sure where to go from here.

whatever was happening to me then, is no longer happening now,
I did a refresh and tried again just now - yes, agreed, works fine!