Familysearch match

I have my standard-computer-default-language set as German (being in Switzerland) by connecting to Familysearch the Language-Choice is suppressed.
The matching person is found and shows up correctly but the Place, Municipality, Province, Country are translated incorrectly in German. This is not done by Familysearch (normally) Placenames should not be translated in my opinion.

We don’t translate place-names either as far as I know. Could you send me a URL (or a screenshot) where this is happening?

My default computer-language is German. I logged in in Rootsfinder and than
checked a person with FamilySearch (after Login)
The result is a very special translation. See screenshot

FamilySearch must be translating places in the match results before handing them back to us. I will ask if there is a way to keep them from being translated.

I just made a change that I believe fixes the problem. It’s difficult for me to verify that it’s fixed though, since responses always come back in English for me. Would you please let me know whether the problem is fixed? (You’ll need to refresh the page in your browser to get the latest version.)