Fact Detail presented oddly on timeline

Information I’ve typed into the Fact Detail field sometimes shows up as part of the event title in the timeline. Example from my grandmother’s profile page:

Those fact details shouldn’t be part of the event labels. They should just appear in the detailed view, if you click on the event or the source.

Notice, too, that it doesn’t happen consistently: the 1910 “Residence” event also had stuff in the Fact Detail field for her, but it didn’t show up in the event label for some reason.

On the Birth event, the “age 5/12 (5 months)” is actually a Fact Detail that I had taken out, but it’s still showing up anyway. Specifically, it was in the Birth event which was auto-generated by the Web Clipper when I imported the 1910 census data. I knew that Birth event would create an additional Birth event on the timeline, which I didn’t want. So I changed it to a Residence event, and just put all the info for Hildur’s entry on the census return in the Fact Details field. This is the solution I’ve come up with (so far) for entering census data for individuals. I don’t want each piece of information about someone in a census form to show up as a separate event in the timeline, it just makes it too cluttered. I just want it all in one event entry, which in the case of a census is presented by RF as a Residence event (which I think is inaccurate, but we can leave that aside for now).

I hope my forum posts aren’t too overloaded with detail & etc… I just really like Rootsfinder and think it’s got a ton of promise.

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Good point. I should take the fact details out of the unexpanded fact view. I need to look into why it’s not showing up consistently though. That’s a bug.

I have some other things I’m working on right now, so it may be April before I can implement this.

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From now on, only Occupation, Gender, and Religion events will include the fact detail in the title. (I did this because I think in those events the detail is important and short.) All other events will show the fact detail below when the fact is expanded.

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