Exclude by kit #?

I see the suggestion in this forum for merging multiple kits. Deleting these multiples might also serve. However, there’s a third possibility that might enhance the flexibility of the program overall while simultaneously allowing users to get rid of those unhelpful multiples.

What about an “exclude” option by kit#, available for both the matching segment and triangulation displays? “Exclude” would let users tailor the graphic output without having to re-run reports through gedmatch – something I expect gedmatch would be grateful for as well.

That’s a very good idea. I’ll add that to my ToDo list.

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Thinking further about this possibility, perhaps the exclusion(s) could hold until specifically un-excluded? (not sure I’m saying that right. Mostly don’t want to revisit the duplicates more than once if possible – it’s quite tedious to get them all identified… )

Also – can they run cross-DNA profile? ie: if I exclude a kit from within one of my DNA profiles, it would then be excluded for all of them until “un-excluded”?

I’m thinking about adding a “Hide” flag - if set, the kit would be hidden from views, but you would have an option to show hidden kits on the one-to-many list view. And it would hide the kit on all DNA profiles.

How does that sound?

Hi Dallan – Having spent the last 10 days or so manually deleting duplicates from triangulated dna kits in excel before upload, I recognize the complexity of the task. A “Hide” flag might be fine, the devil is always in the details. The term “hide” is worrying me, but it’s probably semantics. Just need to be sure the “hidden” kit #s aren’t factoring into any “not hidden” kit triangulation graphics (most importantly, imho).

How would one find them, once they were hidden?

If you have a beta before going live with this change, feel free to let me test drive a little.

Once kits were hidden, it would be as if they had never been imported in the first place. They wouldn’t participate in the triangulation or segment views.

I’m planning to add a “Show hidden” flag on the one-to-many List view so you can see hidden kits.

That all sounds good.

About the “Show hidden” flag… would that simply show me which kits I’ve hidden, at which time I could choose one to “unhide” if I wanted to? (i.e. showing me the hidden kits wouldn’t unhide them, would it?)

You got it - it would show the hidden kits, at which point you could choose to unhide one or more of them if you wished.

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