Error connecting to Family Search

I’ve been unable to connect to Family Search for the last 24 hours or so, getting the following error.

Error accessing FamilySearch (400 FamilySearch “Resource has been disabled.”)

Can you please advise/resolve?

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I’m pleased to report this error has been resolved. It has been a frustrating few days :frowning:



Same here

Just to explain for future readers why there is a “Same here” post after the bug was fixed - for some reason this post was waiting in a queue to be approved (not sure why), I just approved it, and it put my approval timestamp on the post instead of the original post date, which was a couple of days ago.

Thanks for sorting. Can I ask what the problem was?

FamilySearch discontinued an API that I was using to tell if information about LDS ordinances was available. When this call failed, it caused the other calls to fail also.

I’m out this week, so as a temporary fix I simply removed the API call (which means that LDS ordinance information isn’t available). When I return next week I will replace the discontinued API call with a new API call so everything will be fully back the way it was.