Duplicate "Supporting Evidence" for GEDCOM import?

I imported a GEDCOM on 5 Oct. I just noticed today an oddity in the tree which I’m guessing happened during the import.

The oddity: for some people, their birth event (only) has two “Supporting Evidence” attributes. They two seem to be near duplicates, but not quite. They both say the source is “from GEDCOM on 2016-10-05” but one of them shows, under the People section, that the person’s father and mother are “(not in tree)” while the other gives the father and mother names/links. I guess this double-Supporting shows up only for people who were imported linked to parents.

I don’t think I had to try the import twice, but 5 Oct was a while ago and maybe something like that happened. Presumably there should be only one “Supporting Evidence” for the GEDCOM import under the birth event.

We’re working on trying to fix those errors down right now. Would you mind inviting me to your tree (dallan at gmail.com) and telling me which person it is that has the two supporting evidences so I can take a look at it? It will help me understand what causes the problem.

You can invite me by clicking on the “Share” menu at the left, then clicking on the + to the right of “Invitations”.
If you don’t feel comfortable inviting me (which is totally fine), could you take a screenshot of both supporting evidences and upload the pictures here? (When entering your reply, click the button that looks like an up-arrow above a horizontal line in the edit toolbar.)

I’ve invited you, Dallan. Examples in the tree are “birth” for Elisha Henderson and Phoebe Henderson. Only one of two “Evidences” shows “(not in tree)” for Elisha, whereas both do for Phoebe.

Thank-you. It looks like this particular problem has been fixed. I just re-uploaded your gedcom into a new tree, which I invited you to, and both Phoebe and Elijah (Elisha) have just one supporting evidence now, which lists their parents.