Duplicate Entries

I’m new to rootsfinder and just building a tree. Generally all is going well but occasionally I find a duplicate entry that I don’t recall entering. One entry has parent, sibling, and children shown but the other is unconnected. When I try to delete the “floating” entry the connected entry disappears. I would appreciate any clarifications as to what I might be doing incorrectly.

Can you tell me where you are seeing the duplicate entry? I’m thinking that it’s not actually a duplicate, but the same person showing up twice somehow.


Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately, like a dummy, I deleted the entries in question and, in one case, just rebuilt the links. I was just assuming that the problem was common and that I was entering things incorrectly. I seem to recall leaving one of the duplicates in place but it might take some doing to find it. If I do I’ll send you a note.

I’ll keep an eye out for any future occurrences, document them, leave them in place, and send you an update.

By the way the software is really outstanding.


Thank you! And thanks also for letting me know about problems you find.