Downloading generations - Family Search timing out

I have been trying to import generations from Family Search to Rootsfinder using the tool. However, there is often a freeze during the import…I don’t mean a few minutes, I could leave it for over an hour and nothing changes. So I resend the request to import the data; often I get an error that I am no longer signed into Family Search!. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it isn’t working for me much. Any advice?

I’m sorry for not noticing your post sooner. There is likely a bug on the import that has caused it to stop. These have difficult to track down. If this happens again, could you do me a favor? Right-click somewhere on the page and select “Inspect”. Then select the “Console” tab. You should see some red text describing the error. Could you please send that to me?

Also, if you happen to be importing more generations of a deceased person, could you send me the FamilySearch PID (7-character ID) of the person and how many generations of ancestors and descendants you were trying to import? If I can repeat that problem on my machine it will be a lot easier to fix.


Will do. Thanks

This happens to me too every time I try to import.

I tried importing from familysearch this morning and it worked fine for me, which means there is something about your tree that is causing the program to time out. Can you please follow the instructions above and send me the error message that you get in the console tab?